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A call for support of the initiative against Scientology’s totalitarian propaganda and the “War against Europe,” scorning German Resistance fighters and victims of Scientology.

The intention of Scientologist and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise to act in the role of resistance fighter Claus Schenk Graf Stauffenberg, known for his attempted assassination of Hitler, is a major challenge to a democratic way of thinking. The film scheduled to be shot in Berlin this year is clearly a component of the expansion strategy on the part of Scientology, who recently founded a major center here in Berlin and poses a further threat to democracy with this new undertaking. http://www.nypost.com/seven/06252007/news/worldnews/deutsche_ban_worldnews_.htm

Stauffenberg was ready to sacrifice his life in the fight against oppression and tyranny. Scientology founder Ron Hubbard, whose ideology is represented by the organisation’s representative Tom Cruise, openly propagated the need for erecting isolation camps for people who think differently, comprising 20% of the population. He additionally proposed the annihilation of a further 2,5% of the population, who cannot be made to conform to his ideology.Hubbard, HCO Bulletin from 27.09.1966: “The Anti-social personality The Anti-Scientologist” and also: http://www.spaink.net/cos/mpoulter/scum/exterm.html For further information about existing scientology-based punishment and re-education camps, see: http://fhh.hamburg.de/stadt/Aktuell/behoerden/inneres/arbeitsgruppe-scientology/publikationen/brainwashing-pdf,property=source.pdf

The Scientology Organisation once again tries to appropriate and reinterpret German history of the Nazi era and use it for its own ends in order to render it’s own totalitarian tendencies more widely acceptable. “The Secret Police of Scientology’s Organisation; – fundamental structure, methods and goals” – http://fhh.hamburg.de/stadt/Aktuell/behoerden/inneres/landesamt-fuer-verfassungsschutz/publikationen/pdf-bibliothek/scientology-organisation-pdf,property=source.pdf

Scientology refers today to the institutions of European democracy as the “4th Reich”; thus proclaiming to be at war with Europe. Le Soir magazine from May 17th, 2006, p 10 ff.http://www.xenu-directory.net/news/lesoirmag20060517.html The totalitarian scientology organisation attempts to place itself on equal footing with the resistance fighters who fought against National Socialism during the Third Reich. Using its own technique of “positioning” and appropriation, scientology aims at associating itself with something extremely positive in order to raise its value and status by virtue of positive association, thus re-casting themselves in the image of resistance fighters.

Our purpose here is not to criticize the actor-scientologist as a person, but rather his function within the organisation. Tom Cruise is a representative or “Ambassador” of Scientology. His acting is thus thoroughly subsumed by his service to Scientology. Compare his letter to the US-State Department, and the Department of Foreign Affairs. http://www.sekteninformation.de/cruisebrief.pdf

Protest is raised here against the intention of the Scientology Organisation (SO) to propagate its own new form of political extremism on the historical site of resistance against totalitarian National Socialism, thus seeking to legitimate itself and to attract followers for this new brand of political extremism.

It is not acceptable for Scientology representative to be allowed to relativize the organisation’s own totalitarian tendencies by appropriating the honorable tradition of resistance against Hitler, nor is it acceptable, to use this tradition and the Bendlerblock in Berlin as a platform for recruiting new members.

Resistance fighters Claus Schenk Graf Stauffenberg, Friedrich Olbricht, Albrecht Ritter Mertz von Quirnheim and Werner von Haeften were shot at the Bendlerblock during the night of the 21st of July, 1944.

Here we find the national monument commemorating their efforts with the epitaph:

“You did not contribute to the infamy, you resisted, you gave the eternally vigilant sign of conversion, by sacrificing your able lives for freedom, justice and honor.”

“Ihr trugt die Schande nicht, Ihr wehrtet Euch, Ihr gabt das große ewig wache Zeichen der Umkehr, opfernd Euer heißes Leben für Freiheit, Recht und Ehre.”

  • Please inform others about this film project in the context of Scientology’s European expansion plans
  • Please circulate this information among friends
  • Or start your own initiative.

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